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Get the right information right

Jun 30, 2009 by Edward

Ever been in a building where the lights come on automatically as you enter a room? Ever been in a room where the lights turned off automatically even though you were still there? Done right, automation can be convenient, reassuring and fun. Done wrong, it can be just plain annoying.

At ersp-design, we believe that if a home is to make smart decisions it needs plenty of the right information. A common mistake is to design something that acts on incomplete or inappropriate information. For example, using only motion detectors is an appropriate way of controlling lighting in a simple corridor where people do nothing other that move along it. But it works badly almost everywhere else. People move very little when they are reading a book or surfing the net.

Another example, widespread in the UK, is poor heating control. Expecting one or two simple thermostats and a time switch to keep a house at a comfortable temperature just doesn't fly. Our comfort level depends on much more, like what's happening outside. Is it mild, cold or freezing outside? Is the sun out? Is it windy? And is that from the East? All this needs to be accounted for. Finally it depends a lot on you, how active you are and the clothes you are wearing. Quick, easy adjustment by people is too often overlooked.

These are all aspects of control theory. Well understood in the industrial sector (process control) and somewhat in the commercial sector (building management systems) but often badly implemented. Its application to our homes is relatively new and provides its own unique challenges. Don't expect your local HiFi dealer to understand this stuff.

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