ersp design

About us

ersp-design is a technology design practice based in London, UK.

We specialise in the design of truly integrated smart-homes where the intelligent use of technology makes them more comfortable and energy efficient.

We call this kind of technology a Home Management System. It provides coordinated monitoring and control of all aspects of the modern home. Lighting, audio/video, telecoms, heating/cooling, security, blinds, irrigation etc.

Featured Profile: Dr Edward Pearson


Following a period of academic research in digital audio, Edward started a career in commercial technology as a software developer and user interface designer. Fifteen years of experience lead him to being Partner and Chief Technical Architect at innovative technology consultancy Quidnunc and later at Sapient as an enterprise software architect specialising in the energy and healthcare sectors.

But by 2004 it was time for a change of focus. Edward applied his design skills to his long-term interests in lighting, audio and home automation. He began the research and development that led to the launch of ersp-design as a full-time practice in 2007.